Our Policies & Events


Policy for our stencil designs

We understand we offer so many options it can be hard at times to pick just one design and stick with it. However, due to the amount of time that is put in to creating and preparing each stencil prior to class, we will not be cutting new stencils the day your class is scheduled. If you are not satisfied with the stencil you chose and absolutely would like a new one cut out, there will be a $10 charge for any onsite request. We are happy to take your request to change your stencil 48 hours prior to your class. This policy allows us to keep our waste cost down and allows us to continue to offer 100% customization signs without an up-charge. 

Refunds/ Cancellations

Due to the nature of our projects which are 100 % custom made, there will be No Refunds given if you cancel your class. We will gladly provide you with a store credit if you cancel your class within 72 hours. If you no call/no show to your class there will be no credit issued. If you cannot attend a class and do not wish to cancel there will not be a charge to move your class date. If you are part of a fundraiser or a large private event, cancellations must be made 7 days prior to Event to receive a full credit. Cancellations made after the stated time frame above are eligible for a partial credit of 50% of the amount paid. Please contact us with any questions about our refund policy. *Effective November 1st, 2019. 

Fun Facts

Our studio's have large tables and a bar for you to store your refreshments and snacks. We will provide you with all the tools you need to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Don't worry about glasses, plates, napkins or silverware, we provide that as well. When you book your class all you should bring is yourself, your friends, and something to sip on.

Fundraiser Events

At "Refresh your pallet" fundraising is a large part of what we do. We believe that in order to be successful you must continue to give back to the community. Working together with local businesses and organizations, achieving that goal is our number one task. Fundraising is beneficial when both parties can work together for a common cause. Once you inquire we will provide you with a detailed outline of what we bring to the table and what you can expect from us. Please  email or call us for more information. 

Private Events

Our studio is perfect for private events. You can have 3 hours of painting and sipping with just you and your friends or family. When you organize a private party with us and the group size is over 10 people, you will receive a voucher for a FREE 14 x 18 sign! If you can’t quite get 10 people together that is OK. If you can organize 8 people, you will receive a 50% off voucher for a 14 x 18 sign! At Refresh your pallet we want to provide you with a fun and unique experience that you will want to do over and over again. We offer other DIY Classes that can be booked for groups as well. If a party is less then 8 people we do reserve the right to book the rest of the class and fill the open spots. Please call or email us to receive our packet with the full details. Remember don't book anything online prior to speaking with us. 

Did you know...

Don't worry about bringing food if your too busy. Both of our locations are conveniently located near several eateries and even a cupcake shop (Toms River Only). YUM!!! Mandoli's has so many tasty treats and even infuse their treats for our customers (Upon Request).  Click the link below to learn more! 

Photographs & Custom Stencils

At Refresh Your Pallet we pride ourselves on having a fun and unique experience and want to be able to allow others to imagine themselves in your shoes. We want to give future and returning customers ideas to create masterpieces of their own. With this being said, we take pictures and videos throughout our classes! These pictures and videos are the property of Refresh Your Pallet and can be used in marketing material and on our Social Media Accounts. Custom Creations are the property of Refresh Your Pallet and we reserve the right to utilize and replicate any and all stencils that are made by Refresh Your Pallet. If you wish for your photo not to be used for any reason you must inform one of our associates prior to the end of your class. Again, Refresh Your Pallet creates custom designs and can use them however they deem fit.